Someone out there should know what really happened, how the world really came to an end. And it wasn’t with a bang or a whimper. It happened with the splicing of a single cell…


a world of monsters, both human and otherwise
Project Δ-Ω​

a comprehensive timeline from the discovery of DNA to the disasters that led to an extinction level event

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Species Dictionary

surviving notes from the original files with information about the three subspecies

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Project Leaders

brief biographies and backgrounds on the original scientists involved in the early days of Project Δ-Ω​

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the book series that spawned Wolfen Wide Web


It’s been a long time since humans were at the top of the food chain. There’s a new world order in place now, and your choice is simple: adapt or die. Are you ready? [Read More]

1.5 / HELENA

No one can beat Wolfen at the game of survival; it’s what they were made for. And Helena is top bitch of her turf. Beware of Grays? Screw that. Beware of the Hellraiser! [Read More]


Alianne Donnelly is an author of multi-genre fiction. Her books span the spectrum of science fiction, fantasy, action, thriller, horror, and romance. Discover more exciting titles on her website. [Visit Now]